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Arms, Armour & Collectibles

Swords, Daggers, Armour and costume pieces and other stuff, found in Anime, Video Games and different periods in history from different parts of the world.


After attending many festivals and special events, Playerbase was born out of inspiration from what couldn’t be found there and our love for adventure, high-fantasy, and live action gaming. As a family, we assembled and declared to help those looking to bring their visions to life, whether it be watchers of screens or students to tomes of knowledge. We bring forth wonders from other lands, low on the wings of mighty eagles. We bestow loot and trinkets from cherished stories, and provide the weapons and tools needed to fulfill the most epic of quests.

Our products include swords, daggers, axes, wands, tankards and a whole lot of other great items from your favourite movie, anime, video game or historical period. Playerbase inventory is constantly changing so find us at a local festival to see what we have in stock.